Commercial areas

April 28, 2021

The construction of electrical systems for commercial areas is a more complex form of service that pertains to commercial setups such as offices, malls, hospitals and warehouses. From the sizing and aesthetics to the reduction of the risk of failure, the electrical installation must comply with precise legal and safety regulations.

The safety and longevity of your premises depends on the competence of qualified electricians with up-to-date training and adequate knowledge of the various electrical circuits, wiring, installation, troubleshooting and an excellent level of experience in the field.

As industry professionals, EAL is equipped to handle all your commercial electrical needs. We provide detailed plans and drawings for installations that ensure safety and energy efficiency, and we employ qualified electricians who have the expertise to earn your trust.

General electricity

Wiring and electric panels

This service covers the design and development of complete electrical projects, including the installation of wiring and all associated devices such as differential and automatic switches, distribution boards, overcurrent protection devices, sensors, sockets and lighting, in accordance with the safety standards of your business.

Low Current

Digital technologies make it necessary to combine high current and low current applications. Our electricians have extensive experience in the design and wiring of such networks, which will allow you to increase the efficiency and performance of your installations.

Earthing and Lightning Protection

The installation, overhaul, maintenance and repair of the earthing systems is made by our qualified and licenced electricians.

Generator sets

In collaboration with trusted partners, we assist you in the selection, development and installation of the generator set system for all kinds of application, hospitals, exhibition centres, malls and others.


Safety lighting

In compliance with existing regulations, our engineers design and provide detailed plans for the emergency lighting of your facilities.

Architectural lighting

Enhance the aesthetics of your custom lighting and furniture elements that maximise the comfort and productivity of the users of your spaces.   Our teams will ensure the successful completion of your lighting project.

Exterior and parking lighting

Well-designed and well-constructed lighting ensures the energy efficiency and safety of walkways, squares and car parks. It also enhances the appearance of buildings.

Lighting management

Good lighting management allows for centralized or fully remote control of lights on multiple floors, buildings or sites.

Fire and Intrusion Alarm 

Fire detection and monitoring

To protect visitors, employees and property from the risk of fire, we provide you with a central alarm system and a set of electronic devices designed to detect the start of a fire inside a building, to signal the acoustic and visual alarm and to signal the alarm to external rescuers.

Intrusion alarm

Our trained technicians will be able to indicate and advise you on the best possible design and implementation of a security system. All the systems are installed, programmed and configured to meet your needs. Therefore, direct and immediate technical assistance is guaranteed around the clock for the resolution of any problem.

Voice/Data/Fiber Optics Systems

Design and installation

We design network connectivity systems for offices, production sites and commercial activities, with the skills of our qualified staff. This includes advanced telephone and telephony systems, LANs, IP Voice networks and network management systems.

Intercom system

Intercom and video intercom systems offer integrated communication solutions that provide a well-protected environment. It is also an accessory that brings elegance and security to your facilities. Using reliable and quality products from the best and primary brands, we propose a wide variety of professional use intercom system options.

Cable laying

We handle the wiring necessary for the connectivity of equipment in offices and production sites, setting up the internet connection in both traditional and optical fibre mode.


Our staff is able to guarantee the coverage and monitoring of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance with 24-hour availability, maintaining the regulatory safety levels and functional requirements that an electrical system must have.

Temporary Electrical Installations

We carry out temporary electrical installations on construction and demolition sites for prefabricated modular structures and residential containers, consisting of electrical components that are not fixed to the structural or infrastructural parts of the construction site.

Other applications for temporary electrical systems are emergency modular boxes, temporary shops or even public outdoor entertainment events such as festivals, demonstrations, markets and concerts.