April 28, 2021

Manufacturing and production facilities have significant power needs that require industrial electrical systems to function properly and often automate entire production processes. It is important that the system is designed to be efficient, safe and ensure maximum productivity.

Based on the many years of experience of its employees – in the design and construction of industrial electrical systems – EAL is today an accredited company in the sector. Thanks to the collaboration of expert technicians, we can satisfy any request, creating installations with high quality standards and in line with modern technologies.

From construction to design, up to turnkey construction of the entire electrical network, we design the systems according to the specific needs of the energy supply and the intended use of the operating environment, all in full compliance with the regulations in force for industrial electrical systems.

Low and Medium Voltage Systems

EAL is able to satisfy any requirement relating to low and medium voltage distribution systems with tailor-made solutions for any type of system and application. The range of medium voltage switchgear and equipment that we offer can be perfectly integrated and ensure all users the expected advantages: high quality, innovative technology, but above all distribution systems perfectly coordinated with products and systems of leading suppliers in the sector.

New construction and Renovation

Our teams are authorised to carry out industrial installations and have the constantly updated technical expertise necessary to design, install and renovate industrial electrical systems that meet the required protection and performance standards.

In accordance with strict regulations, we use high-quality materials that ensure maximum protection of people against direct and indirect contact and guarantee the durability of the system.


In industrial installations, the choice of industrial lighting system is essential for the efficiency of the company, the functionality of the building and the safety of the personnel.

Thanks to the latest innovations in the field of lighting, we are able to design and manufacture state-of-the-art lighting systems, achieving the best results in terms of efficiency and quality.

Low current installations

We put our know-how at your service to carry out your industrial projects requiring a high level of technical expertise in low current. We manage all the low current systems that make up the structure of your installation: telephony, alarm, video surveillance, computer network, access control, fire and gas detection systems, centralised technical management, automation.

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

To avoid a major breakdown of the electrical system and a possible halt in production activity, it is essential to have the support of industrial electricians capable of offering a professional periodic maintenance service.

Rely on our technicians to inspect and check the state of the installation, the electrical panels and the various components. Detect in time the first signs of a problem that, if not solved, could lead to a serious breakdown.

Moreover, in the event of an accidental or emergency breakdown, our teams are able to intervene with maximum speed to identify and repair the failure.