Weak Current

April 28, 2021

Most of the devices, which are both complementary and essential to your installations, require development and knowledge of low current. These include telephone and fibre optic cable systems, structural cabling, detection and alarm systems, fire prevention systems, access control systems, closed circuit television, computer networks, acoustic and optical signalling systems, electronic systems and many more.

The customisation of services is an important aspect on which the efficiency of the installations depends. That is why the EAL team is ready to assist you in your projects by adapting to your specific needs, to ensure high functionality and long-term efficiency.

By relying on trusted partners, we have the technical and IT expertise to implement and adapt cutting-edge technology to your best use and preferences. Our solutions are developed in-house and have been appreciated by important local references.

Security and access control

Our team is at your disposal to advise, design and install fully functional security systems. From simple domestic access control to complete and personalised management of access to your production facilities: presence detection, activation/deactivation of alarms by authorised users, door control, access readers and management of free parking spaces and control of barriers and ad hoc software for their management.

Biometric Identity Scanners

By choosing high quality biometric identity scanners, secure access to your premises is guaranteed. We are able to provide you with advanced technology for fingerprint reading, facial and iris recognition and palm identification.

Video surveillance

EAL has the expertise to design, procure suitable equipment and install and test the video surveillance system. You can choose from a wide range of indoor/outdoor cameras, day/night and infrared cameras and IP cameras (cable and wi-fi) of different sizes and performance, for any type of commercial space, office building, industrial facility or residence.

Intranet network

For efficient data transmission, EAL offers you the know-how of technicians specialised in the design and construction of structured copper and fibre optic cabling, ideal for the transmission of data, images, audio files and verbal or video communications. When cabling is not possible, wireless networks are the solution.

Phone and Intercom systems

Whether it is door and entrance control systems in homes or offices, or communication points in the industrial sector, you can rely on our telephone and intercom systems that enable clear and efficient communication via radio technology, WLAN connection or cable.